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More and more Licensing Authorities around the UK require taxi and private hire drivers complete a Disability Awareness Training when they apply for their licence and on renewal.

To find out how the Equo Disability Awareness Training for Taxi Drivers and Private Hire Drivers can work for you, call us on 01502 806906.

Our training is being used by a growing number of Licensing Authorities including Adur & Worthing Council, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Maidstone, Durham, Tamworth, North Northamptoshire, South Derbyshire, South Somerset and Bromsgrove.

We also have online training modules covering CSE / Safeguarding and County Lines.

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It’s simple to roll out our training to your taxi and private hire drivers. This can be achieved in a number of ways – all of which are fast and effective.

With the ongoing presence of COVID-19 it may not be practicable to consider face-to-face training sessions.

And arranging face-to-face training can be a nightmare – getting everyone in one place at one time, the travel arrangements – the list of things to organise seems endless. Drivers now only need to travel as far as a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone – job done!
Time isn’t being wasted on travelling to and from a training venue.

Each Licensing Authority has specific needs for how our training is delivered.

It can be as simple as sending your drivers directly to our website, they purchase the training, complete it and then send the certificate(s) to your team.

Or we can work with you to create a hybrid delivery style. We do this with the Kent Partnership of Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone and Sevenoaks.

To find out more just complete the short form at the bottom of this page or leave us a message on 01502 806906.

The Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles (Disabled Persons) Act 2022 came into force on 28th June 2022.

The new Act has amended the Equality Act 2010 to introduce new, and amend existing, duties for local licensing authorities, taxi and private hire vehicle drivers and private hire operators.

The changes will help to further ensure disabled passengers can use taxi and private hire services without being discriminated against and that they receive appropriate assistance, wherever they travel, without being charged extra.

Each driver has their own secure login details meaning only they can access their training account.

Questions are generated randomly to ensure that all of your learners are presented with slightly different assessments.
This alleviates, to a large degree, any ‘help’ that one learner could give another.
If another attempt is needed to pass the assessment there will be a reasonable proportion of brand new questions to ensure that the learner knows the subject and hasn’t simply remembered previous answers.

Each driver has their own individual training record.

Once a driver successfully passes the test they can download their certificate.

Each certificate has a unique security code. Drivers do not have access to this and only see it once they’ve completed the training.

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We have worked closely with a number of Licensing Teams to produce bespoke training modules covering Child Sexual Exploitation / Safeguarding and also County Lines.

To find out more and to have free access to all three modules send us an email to or call us on 01502 806906.

Using our training…

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Maidstone Borough Council
Sevenoaks District Council
North Northamptonshire Council
Tamworth Borough Council
Runnymede Borough Council logo
Adur & Worthing Council

and many more…